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“Exploring the Evolving Landscape of African Finance: Uncover Emerging Trends at Digital Finance Africa 2023”


As the landscape of digital payments rapidly transforms, the ascension of mobile wallets, touch-free transactions, and blockchain-based initiatives is evident. Attendees will get an in-depth view of the emerging trends in digital payment and their potential role in facilitating financial inclusivity. 

A Diverse Array of Topics for a Transformative Conference

Digital Finance Africa 2023 is set to be a nexus of ideas and a breeding ground for innovation. The conference’s wide-ranging agenda will explore:

  1. The role of Big Data Analytics in improving Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) 

As financial crime grows more complex, it’s essential to use big data analytics to bolster Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols. Specialists will delve into cutting-edge developments and tactics to protect financial institutions and their clients.

  1. The transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the customer experience in finance. Learn how AI-driven chatbots, tailored suggestions, and predictive analytics are redefining customer service, resulting in smoother experiences.

  1. Open Banking: The Key to Unlocking Embedded Finance Innovation

Open Banking is opening doors to numerous opportunities, fostering cooperation between financial institutions and third-party providers. The conference will delve into how open banking can catalyze innovation and reshape the financial services sector.

  1. How CBDCs and Cryptocurrencies Can Coexist and Complement Each Other.

As Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) surge in popularity and cryptocurrencies persistently challenge conventional finance, grasping how these two realms can exist symbiotically becomes crucial in molding Africa’s digital finance trajectory.

  1. Exploring the Future of Digital Payments

The digital payments landscape is swiftly transforming, with advancements such as mobile wallets, contactless transactions, and blockchain-powered solutions gaining ground. Attendees will acquire knowledge about the current trends propelling digital payment adoption and their possible influence on financial inclusion.

  1. Securing Financial Data and Assets in the Digital Realm

As dependence on digital finance escalates, the importance of strong cybersecurity safeguards cannot be overstated. Specialists will impart effective methods for defending financial data and assets against cyber risks and weaknesses.

Luminaries Guiding the Path Forward

Digital Finance Africa 2023 is proud to present an exceptional roster of speakers, each a trailblazer in their respective domains. Participants will receive the opportunity to glean knowledge from and interact with influential figures in the industry, including:

Chipo Mushwana, Nedbank Retail’s Executive of Emerging Innovation.

Mo Kola, CTO, Business Solutions at Foschini Retail Group.

Richard Nunekpeku, Vice President of Legal & Strategy at Ghana Fintech & Payment Association.

Dr. Christoph Nieuwoudt, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at FNB.

Steve Uma, NSIA Insurance Nigeria’s CIO, and Head- IS and Technology.

Echezona Agubata, Union Bank Nigeria’s Head IT Strategy & Governance.

Gabriel Swanepoel, Country Manager for Mastercard South Africa.

Emmanuel Morka, Access Bank (Ghana)’s CIO.

Matimba Trevor Mabasa, Head of Technology & Operations: Governance, Risk, and Compliance at Standard Bank.

Sergio Barbosa, CEO of FutureBank.

Garner CPD Credits and Explore Secure Frontiers

Banking professionals who attend Digital Finance Africa 2023 can earn 7 CPD Credits awarded by THE INSTITUTE OF BANKERS IN SOUTH AFRICA. This rewarding prospect to earn professional development points emphasizes the event’s significance and relevance.

Reflecting the key purpose of the event, the conference theme, “Secure Horizons: Building Trust in Africa’s Digital Finance Future,” invites participants to delve into enhancing security protocols, fostering trust in digital financial services, and envisioning a future that benefits all involved parties.

How to Register and Opportunities for Sponsorship

Reserve your participation at Digital Finance Africa 2023 by registering through the official event website: Registration Link. Companies looking to display at the conference can inquire at the Exhibition Stand Enquiry. More information about sponsorship opportunities can be found in the Sponsorship Brochure.

We welcome you to join us at Digital Finance Africa 2023 in Johannesburg as we pave the way for the future of finance in Africa and discover novel opportunities in the digital age!




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