Arone, Nigerian drone delivery startup launches Micro-AV port in Lagos and Enugu

Arone took part in the MAN Impact Accelerator in 2019

Arone drone delivery nigeria

Arone announced the launch of Arone micro-AVport in Lagos and Enugu State. During their launch, Arone was upbeat over their new capability to transport packages within the country across different states. The process can be done in barely 5 minutes.

The Nigerian aerospace and mobility company has been working on the development of a solid parcel delivery platform throughout the country. The group received much-needed investor funding in November 2019.

Last year Arone participated in the MAN Impact Accelerator tailored for global mobility startups. They conducted successful tests of their 2.5kg and 20kg payload drones. The drones in use have semi-automatic capabilities.

Founder and CEO, Emmanuel Ezenwere, was upbeat over the role Azone played as the first of this type of business model. He was upbeat over the airport stations that were to be commenced in Enugu state (the headquarter) and Lagos.

The drones are solar-powered, a factor that indicates their sustainability and eco-friendly blueprint. He remained ecstatic over their long-term adoption which could reduce the carbon emissions if they replace road-based emissions.

Emmanuel Ezenwere also offered their delivery service management systems as a Saas to third party companies venturing into drone delivery. He disclosed that he will make available their API so e-commerce companies can integrate their services into their platforms.

Arone has yet to make clear the exact date of the airport launches as it remains under development. Arone also intends to transport test samples from clinics, hospitals, and primary health centers. That way they will ensure patients who suspect they are infected do not have to make the trip to NCDC centers until they receive information on their status. Once they roll into action, they intend to perform deliveries over a 5 Km distance.




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