“Autochek Acquires Controlling Stake in Egyptian Auto-Tech Startup”


Autochek, a pan-African automotive technology company, has bought majority shares of AutoTager, an Egyptian automotive technology start-up that makes it easier for Egyptians to buy and sell cars.

Autochek is now in the North African country with the second-largest economy and the second-largest car market in the region.

AutoTager was launched in 2021. It connects buyers to cars that have been checked out and to financing options. It also connects sellers to serious buyers and technology solutions that help them run their businesses better.

The acquisition will help Autochek strengthen its presence in North Africa and support its continued growth. Egypt’s strategic location, skilled workforce, and large domestic market have all contributed to its rapid growth, making it one of the largest recipients of foreign direct investment in Africa over the past ten years.

Autochek is now operational in nine East, West, and North African countries. It has more than 2,000 stores and workshops that its partners run.



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