Electric Scooters to Join Uber’s Fleet in South Africa


Uber South Africa aims to reach zero emissions by 2040. The company took a step towards this goal by announcing the addition of electric scooters, known as e-scooters, to its delivery service Uber Package.

The announcement came during an event in Johannesburg celebrating Uber’s 10 years in South Africa. Uber Sub-Saharan Africa General Manager Kagiso Khaole shared the news.

Previously called Uber Connect, Uber Package enables same-day pickup and delivery within a city. The new e-scooters will use swappable, rechargeable batteries instead of needing to plug in.

Cape Town will see the electric scooters first in December 2023. Johannesburg follows in February 2024. Moving to electric vehicles supports Uber’s global 2040 zero-emissions target.

Uber revealed other upcoming services too. Uber Store Pick-Ups will let delivery people get prepaid items from any store. Uber Van expands to Cape Town. The luxury Uber Black reaches Durban. Reserve Airport Pickup rolls out for UberX, Uber Comfort and Uber XL nationwide.

“We’ve grown across 30 cities with 20,000 earners,” said Khaole. “We’re excited to expand in new ways.”

Uber Eats launched Uber Live too. It brings orders to customers wherever they are, eliminating long lines at big events. “We’re taking the food experience up a level,” said Uber Eats Sub-Saharan Africa General Manager Nakampe Molewa.



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