Empowering Teens on the Road: Uber’s New Safety-Focused Family Accounts


In a significant move to enhance the safety and independence of adolescents, Uber has announced the rollout of its Uber Teen Accounts across South Africa. This innovative feature provides families with a tailored solution, enabling parents and guardians to grant their teenage children (aged 13-17) the freedom to request rides while maintaining essential parental supervision.

Through the Uber app’s Family Profile, parents can now invite their teens to create a dedicated account, ensuring a seamless and secure experience. The teen receives a link to download the app, set up their account, and complete a mandatory safety onboarding process.

Kagiso Khaole, the General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa, emphasizes the transparency and safety-focused approach of this feature, stating, “Teen accounts are built with transparency in mind so that there are no surprises for parents, teens, or drivers. We’re thrilled to offer this innovative feature to families in South Africa, with key safety features built into the heart of the experience.”

The Uber Teen Accounts come equipped with a suite of enhanced safety features, designed to provide peace of mind for both teens and their guardians. These include live trip tracking, which enables parents to follow along in real-time and receive updates on the driver’s name, vehicle information, and requested drop-off location. Additionally, the PIN Verification system requires teens to enter a unique code before the driver can start the trip, ensuring they get into the right car.

To further enhance safety, Uber’s RideCheck feature has been adjusted to be more sensitive during teen trips, detecting any unexpected deviations or early trip endings, and promptly alerting the teen and driver. The Audio Recording feature, which encrypts trip recordings, offers an additional layer of protection.

Expanding on the communication options, parents and guardians can now contact their teen’s driver at any time during a trip, providing an additional layer of oversight. Moreover, only highly rated and experienced drivers who have passed local screening and background checks are eligible to receive trip requests from teen account holders, with the option for drivers to opt-out of teen trips as needed.

Uber’s commitment to empowering teens and supporting families on the move is evident in the comprehensive suite of safety features integrated into the Uber Teen Accounts. By providing this innovative solution, the company aims to foster independence, enhance safety, and give families the confidence to navigate their journeys with ease.



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