AWS outposts now present in nine countries spread across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East

Amazon Web Services expands footprint as it responds to demand for low latency, data sovereignty and hybrid cloud

AWS Africa

AWS Outposts are now accessible for shipping and installation at data centers in Malaysia, Brazil, Israel, Taiwan, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand, and South Africa. All these areas have an on-premise location. The service can also be accessed in the following regions; AWS Pacific in Mumbai, AWS Africa in Cape Town, and South America, based in Sao Paolo.

AWS Outposts is a fully functional service that extends AWS services, AWS infrastructure, APIs, and tools to other customer data centers, shared location spaces, and on-premise facilities.

Uses of Amazon outposts

  • Great for applications running on low latency requirements
  • Process and manage local data
  • Meet all requirements on data residency

With an international network of Amazon outposts across the 9 countries, companies can run their data workloads on their on-premise facilities and link to the nearest AWS regions when there is a necessity for operations and management.

In other news, AWS Web services launched data centers in SA to help local businesses save on costs through increased computing power. Amazon has also been recruiting in South Africa to fill in 3000 virtual jobs.

Prabashni Naidoo, the director at Amazon Web Services South Africa expressed his excitement in bringing the AWS outposts to the country.

“Since the launch of the AWS Africa Region in April, customers have been expanding their use of AWS services, and have asked us for a consistent way to develop and manage their applications both on-premises and in the cloud. With AWS Outposts, customers can enjoy a truly consistent cloud environment using native AWS services to operate IT environments across their on-premises locations and the cloud.” said Naidoo. 


South African users of AWS Outpost can work with partner networks in leverage their deep learning experiences. Among the early adopters of AWS Outposts are Vodacom Business, Sentech, and the national signal distributor.

More on the AWS Management Console here.

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