Too Bad! Staff Cuts In Andela Confirmed By CEO

Not long ago, 135 employees working for Andela were reported relieved of their duties


At first, it was mere rumors, but now there’s confirmation that Andela, an African-focused tech talent accelerator, sent home a considerable number of its employees. A statement has been made by the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy Johnson, to that effect. 


According to Mr. Johnson, those categorized as senior staff, particularly those based in Andela’s New York offices, including offices in four African countries, will get a 30 and 10 percent reduction in their salaries. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a severe blow to tech companies in Africa and across the globe. Andela is one of those tech companies that is feeling the impact of the novel virus.


Andela staff layoff brings the total number of employees to 1,199, though engineers working in the company were not affected by the layoffs.


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