Nigeria Startup Andela Looking To Go Remote

Andela sent home about 130 workers to minimize costs, saying this will enable the company to transit well to the new model.

Andela going remote

It’s just days since Andela sent packing 135 of its employees. Now the company wants to go full circle by venturing into remote work. The startup has kick-started the process by putting out a placement offer to non-employees.

The startup makes this move with a view to tapping more talent without necessarily having engineers relocate.

Through the Andela Learning Community Program, over 100,000 people have undergone training equipping themselves with skills sought by many companies.

Andela operates in five different countries but this has proven limited in terms of customer pool. The new model seeks to tap more talent that would otherwise not be reached via office contact. The remote model would outsource diverse talent that can help clients without having to be in a central place.

Andela’s move is not a step in the dark. The startup’s office in Egypt has been in operation since 2019 and reports positive growth. The company had some of the best engineers residing in different cities who would offer their services to clients.

This can be compared to a time back in 2014 when Andela’s office in Lagos could not get the services of qualified engineers. Due to the immobility factor of the engineers, most of them were left out. This, therefore, motivated the need to go fully remote and tap such talents.

More opportunities are on the line-up as Jeremy Johnson, the company CEO points out. He stated that soon they will source engineers from all over the globe.




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