Plentywaka completes 100,000 rides in first 6 months, staff bus solution goes live

Plentywaka now offers rides to corporate companies across Lagos

plenywaka staff bus

Plentywaka, the Nigerian ride-hailing company, will offer users safety, comfort, and convenience as they go about their daily businesses – Plentywaka staff bus solutions. The exclusive bus service will provide premium travel for corporate travelers as they go about their daily life. The premium buses will cater to corporate organizations and help them with their transportation requirements.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected transportation across Nigeria, inconveniencing workers, and adding stress to the workplace. The need for reliable transport and safety has never been more desired. The bus service will help employers achieve customer satisfaction while finding it safe to move about, the bond among staff, and save costs on running an in-house transportation fleet.

The last 8 months since the company was launched have witnessed increased business throughout Lagos. The newly acquired 10 staff buses will be operated with the highest level of professionalism and every pilot undergoes a comprehensive background check. Many regular employees spend a significant portion of their earnings on transportation, this ride-hailing service reduces the overall cost incurred on transport for both management and staff.

Plentywaka notes that a major challenge across Lagos is the traffic jam situation. They offer customers a comfortable ride back home to offset the delays and inconvenience of the traffic snarl-ups that mark the city. In addition, they believe the new staff bus solution will challenge old forms of transportation across the city.



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