Boardx Brings Together Buyers and Sellers in Nigerian Universities

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Students will conquer with the fact that it reaches a point where one thinks of selling one of their assets. Many factors contribute to the decision of selling one’s belongings. In some cases, one might be in a financial crisis or want to upgrade to buy a better asset. But, the main challenge is getting a customer to buy the item. This is despite the fact that the price is lower than the initial price.

University students in Nigeria should be happy since BoardX is offering a solution to all that. Buyers and sellers need not struggle anymore in getting the market or the item of their choice. BoardX platform connects students who want to sell their items and those that need to buy such items. Ehizojie Brian and Ali Joel founded the startup. Ali is also a computer engineering student at the University of Benin.

BoardX is also known as It was launched after considering how Nigerian students were business minded. Seller only creates an account and posts the items they want to sell alongside their contacts. Buyers then have an opportunity to see them and contact the seller if interested. However, the publicity part of the platform has been challenging. The founders admit that developing an idea is not an issue the challenge comes to sustaining the idea.

The founders have been funding the platform from their own pockets. It at times called for them to sacrifice their money for the running of the platform. However, BoardX is not the only platform in Nigeria offering the services. Rather there are many such platforms giving the same services. Besides, BoardX still stands out amongst the rest through its services. They offer nice user experience and user interface. It also builds more trust in their customers. Advertisement on the platform is currently free. However, BoardX makes a profit from ad-sense through enough traffic and affiliate marketing.

BoardX has received a good reception from the public. Furthermore, it has helped many people in buying and selling various items. The platform is planning to make itself one of the best-selling platforms in the country. They also aim at expanding to other countries in future.

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