Bollore Group Signs a Partnership Agreement with an International Group

Ballore and Alibaba Group partnership

Bolloré Group, a conglomerate from France on July 2, 2018, signed a partnership with Alibaba Group in Paris France. The partnership will see them work together in the areas of clean energy, cloud services, digital transformation and logistics and mobility. They stated that their business units and subsidiaries that include Blue Solutions, Bolore Logistics, Cainiao Smart Logistics Network, and Alibaba Cloud, will partner on related deals while sharing their respective markets at the same time.

Bolloré Group’s MD and vice chairman said that they were happy to conclude the comprehensive collaboration agreement with Alibaba Group which is a leading global company. He added that his company is looking forward to working with Alibaba Group and its subsidiaries to develop and grow business in its various markets and work together in other parts of the globe.

Puteaux, Ballore based in France owns many businesses within various sectors. The business ranges from logistics and transportation, paper and plastics, advertising and media to electric vehicles and electricity storage. According to Alibaba Cloud, it will give various services such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, security solutions and content delivery network. All these will help support the businesses and also borrow industry knowledge from Bollore to come up with a joint value proportion for clients.

Simon Hu, the president of Alibaba Cloud, said that the cloud services offered by Alibaba Cloud and the Bolore Group’s experience would work together. This will ensure that their customers get quality services giving them an opportunity to be successful in the digital era. Furthermore, there is a partnership between Alibaba and Blue Solutions, battery making division of Ballore. The partnership is working out ways of coming up with internet applications. This will be a significant milestone for both the two companies that will ensure that their clients get services to their expectations.


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