Cashew Brands in Senegal Elevate Packaging for a Modern Appeal


ITC is actively supporting the growth of small cashew processors and brands in Senegal, facilitating their entry into new markets. Recently, they conducted a comprehensive training session on packaging, benefiting 30 cashew processing businesses in the country.

Among other West African nations like Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Nigeria, Senegal plays a significant role in the global cashew export industry. Established and emerging brands in Senegal aspire to transform raw cashews into higher-value products, fostering innovation for export and local consumption. The potential range of products includes cashew jams, juices, bars, and flour, contributing to the flourishing cashew boom in the region.

The sustainable agribusiness initiative by ITC’s Alliance for Action conducted a training course on product packaging for 30 participants from 11 small cashew businesses in Senegal. As part of the Netherlands Trust Fund program, ITC collaborates with these businesses to enhance sustainability, boost competitiveness, and expand into new markets. The focus on improved packaging is a crucial step forward.

Frederic Couty, an experienced packaging and continuous improvement consultant at ITC, was crucial in facilitating the training. His guidance empowered businesses to enhance their packaging strategies, emphasizing efficiency for increased profits and sustainability.

The comprehensive methodology led participants through a step-by-step process covering aspects such as selecting packaging materials, graphic design, labeling, equipment, and transportation packaging.

Particular attention was given to sustainable packaging to align with evolving consumer preferences towards environmentally friendly practices. This strategic focus not only positions brands to tap into the European Union and other international markets but also strengthens their presence in local and regional markets.

He provided customized coaching sessions to eight companies within the NTFV cohort, which operate factories in and around Dakar and Casamance, Senegal’s primary cashew-producing region.

Casadeliz, a company specializing in cashew apple juice, is developing a new packaging and marketing strategy tailored to the UK market. The approach involves utilizing cans and tetra packs.

Fatou Mbod, the manager of Casamance Verte GIE, emphasized the importance of quality packaging to promote the “made in Senegal” model. She highlighted that, on the international stage, competition extends beyond product quality to include packaging.

Mireille Dovonou, the sales and marketing assistant at Lysa & Co., expressed a keen interest in the personalized approach to packaging. She emphasized the importance of aligning packaging with the company’s vision and mission and tailoring it to meet customer needs. Dovonou suggested using surveys and test trials to identify these needs before finalizing and commissioning the packaging.

ITC-Alliances for Action will support businesses in implementing this new methodology. The ITC teams plan to replicate this strategy for cocoa in Ghana and coffee in Ethiopia.




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