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Catalyst Fund raises $3.5 million to accelerate pre-seed impact firms in Africa


Catalyst Fund is a global, inclusive technology firm that BFA Global manages. It is the world’s leading accelerator & pre-seed impact fund for entrepreneurs in emerging nations. It has announced that FSD Africa will contribute $3.5 million to the Fund to grow its activities in Africa and create a footprint.

At FSD Africa, we believe that a robust financial system that is also equitable and easily accessible is essential to ensuring a viable future for the people and environment of Africa. Juliet Munro, who is the Director of the Digital Economy, stated.

In particular, we think that the financial industry can make a sizable contribution to the battle against climate vulnerability and that this may be accomplished by capitalizing on the potential for innovation in fintech, which can help remove market constraints preventing the development of solutions urgently required for climate resilience. By providing financial backing and other forms of assistance, Our collaboration with Catalyst Fund will foster innovation by providing financial support and assistance to business owners. In addition, this will have the effect of growing and influencing the pool of resources that is accessible for such ventures.

We are thrilled to have FSD Africa on board as an anchor investor in Catalyst Fund, facilitating the next phase of our business’s expansion. Catalyst Fund’s managing director, Maelis Carraro, made this statement. We believe the financial sector can make a big difference in the fight against climate-related risks, especially by using the prospects of fintech innovation. It can help eliminate market barriers holding back the development of critically needed solutions to climate change.

By helping and giving money to entrepreneurs, our partnership with Catalyst Fund will encourage innovation and change and grow the pool of money available for such projects.

The managing director of Catalyst Fund, Maelis Carraro, said, “We are happy to have FSD Africa as an anchor investor in Catalyst Fund. This will allow us to move on to our next growth phase.”Our core objective is to foster innovation that strengthens the resiliency of the world’s most disadvantaged people, with a particular focus on women, putting the difficulty of climate change adaptation at the forefront of our efforts. At least forty per cent of the company founders in our portfolio would be female, and at least eighty per cent of them will be residents of the country where the company is headquartered. This is a point of great pride for us as a fund that women lead, and we take it very seriously.

We seek to improve the lives of vulnerable homes and firms while advancing the innovation ecosystem.

Over 13.2 million low-income clients have been helped by the 61 businesses from emerging economies that Catalyst Fund funded up until now. The aggregate amount of follow-on capital generated by these businesses is over $573 million.

The subsequent crop of would-be business owners will market financial solutions to enhance the climate resilience of economically disadvantaged or otherwise vulnerable people.

Fintech, agtech, water management, carbon financing, insurance, water management, and other vital fields all hold the potential to provide solutions for increasing climate resilience and adapting to changing weather patterns.

The accelerator will continue to establish robust innovation ecosystems by motivating capacity-building networks, and corporate innovators to unlock funds and investors, recruit people and share information about fintech solutions that are appropriate to the requirements of local communities.

If you would like your startup to be considered for a position as a Catalyst Fund Company, please visit the website to submit your application.




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