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Catholic Church digitizes payments in partnership with Zamtel


The Catholic Church has partnered with Zamtel to facilitate payments and contributions through mobile money platforms. Over 6 million members across Zambia will rely on Zamtel mobile money services to send in their contributions.

Sunday service offerings, tithes, and church contributions by parishes are collected through Zamtel’s mobile money platform. Through this partnership, Zamtel will connect the church membership through catholic run media platforms such as Loyola, Lumen TV, ¬†Loyola TV, and several other radio stations.

Sydney Mupeta, the CEO at Zamtel signed the agreement alongside the CEO of the Catholic Media Services. He also described the embrace of digital solutions among the Catholic Church in Zambia as a “huge milestone” that sets the stage for the introduction of various digital processes.

The Catholic church of Zambia has a nationwide presence of over 6 million members even in some of the most remote areas. Several areas where the church is founded have no telecommunication services until recently when Zamtel (through GRZ) rolled-out to several rural sites across the country.

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