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Itel launches the P38 series the first fast charging phones in Africa


Itel has confirmed that the P38 series smartphone is now available. It is said to be the most affordable smartphone that supports 15W fast charging, making it the first smartphone in Africa to do so.

Compared to the previous generation, the time it takes to charge is significantly reduced, as it is now possible to get three hours of talk time from just ten minutes of charging! The intelligent AI Power Master management system keeps The powerful battery (P38 comes with 5000mAh, while the P38 Pro has 6000mAh).)  under control and lets you play music for up to 230 hours, watch videos for 22 hours, and play games for up to 7 hours.

P38 Pro is equipped with a 1.3GHz processor and a robust 64GB ROM+2GB RAM, while P38 comes with 32GB ROM and 2GB RAM, which give users the smoothest operating experience and the most storage space of any itel phone.

Both devices come with Darwin Engine, which makes the screen smoother and makes the colours more vivid and provides customers with a full-screen gaming experience while simultaneously helping to lower power consumption, offering a better gaming experience and improving battery life through the use of intelligent settings such as concealing notifications when the user is playing a game.

Large Screen with Flagship-Style Design

The P38 Pro and the P38 come equipped with an extensive and HD+ high-resolution Water Drop display (the P38 measures 6.6 inches while the P38 Pro measures 6.82 inches).

It attempts to provide consumers with an experience that is both extremely huge and immersive when watching content. In addition, it has the appearance and feels of a high-end product partly because of the sleek metal stripe style and the compelling dual cameras. Regarding the 2.5D glass covering, the slight curve at its edge makes the screen more beautiful and assures a comfortable grip for easy stream on the move.

More Detail in the Rear Camera for Capturing Valuable Moments.

P38, which comes with an 8MP autofocus back camera, and P38 Pro, which comes with a 13MP autofocus rear camera, are designed to give users an improved and comprehensive experience when taking photographs. Make it possible for consumers to take crisp and vibrant pictures to capture the crucial moments in their lives.

Dual Unlock Feature for Enhanced Privacy Protection

The P38 Series was updated so that users’ privacy is even better protected. It will have eight functions: fingerprint unlock, and face unlock.

The fingerprint double unlocks and Face unlock two ways to open the P38. This makes it worthwhile and keeps the user’s data safe. Data.

There are a total of six distinct colour options available for both the P38 Pro and P38 models.

P38 –Spruce Green Stellar Purple, and Nebula Black 

P38 Pro – Ocean Blue, Night Black and Mint Green 



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