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Nigeria Saas startup Simpu launches multi-channel communication platform to improve business interaction


The multi-channel communication software developed by Simpu, a Business-to-business SaaS firm, has been launched to improve interactions and engagements between businesses and their customers.

The primary benefit of Simpu is its inbox, an adaptable multi-channel platform that integrates the functionality of numerous messaging applications into a single user interface. These applications include SMS, Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook, and others.

One of the most notable shifts is in the manner in which customers engage with companies. Recent developments are demonstrating that this assertion is correct. Customers are showing a growing preference to connect on platforms that are already familiar to them. In a statement, Simpu’s co-founder and Chief executive Officer, Collins Iheagwara, commented.

A client might prefer to communicate with the business via direct message, Whatsapp or on, text message or even Instagram rather than email. This shift in the behaviour of customers poses a challenge for organizations.

How do they efficiently handle interactions taking place across a variety of platforms? “Simpu aims to assist solve this problem by making it easier for all your discussion channels to be brought into one inbox. This will allow your teams to focus on what is most important to the client,” he explained.

Consumers aren’t talking to each other as well as they used to, and businesses need to use 8 or more apps to stay in sync with customer wants and needs.He noted that it is typically useless because most apps do not operate effectively together, which is the main reason.

He pointed out that because business employees have to manage so many apps, customers’ complaints, requests, or inquiries can get misplaced or go ignored, leaving them feeling unsatisfied with the service being provided.

He explained that the purpose of Simpu in this context is to minimize this communication gap and provide a better customer experience. In addition, he mentioned that it has additional capabilities that improve the organization’s customer funnel.

Furthermore, he explained that the unification of consumers’ data is made possible by integrations with other parties such as core banking systems, databases, marketing lists, customer relationship management systems, electronic commerce platforms, and live website chat, amongst others.

He also said that the features ensure the sales process works well. He also noted that support teams could use rules and canned responses to customers’ messages and automate workflow quickly.

Since Simpu started, he said, businesses have switched from platforms like Zoho, Salesforce, Bitrix 24 Intercom, and others to Simple.

The omnichannel platform is serving over three three hundred active users and more than ninety businesses at this very moment in Nigeria alone. The company successfully closed its pre-seed rolling around one month ago after reaching the one million dollar milestone from various investors.




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