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Edutech firm GetBundi launched in Lagos targets STI,STEM skills for young Africans


Lagos was the location of the debut of GetBundi, an edu tech platform to make it simpler for young Africans to gain high-standard education access.

GetBundi will concentrate its efforts on the 6 years of post-primary education to fulfil its mission of educating young people in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Osita Oparaugo, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of GetBundi, spoke at the launch stated that education in STEM subjects fosters the development of skills such as innovation, creativity, problem-solving and, critical thinking are very important in the 21st century and help develop economies get ready to compete in the global market.

Singapore relied heavily on scientific and technological advancements to transition from a developing country to a developed one. After years of suffering from a lack of flush toilets, China has emerged as a global leader in science. According to Oparaugo, these nations’ economies are thriving as a direct result of the significant influence that scientific and technological developments have had on their development.

What Singapore and China have accomplished in fewer than 50 years, Africa can also accomplish through STI Skills acquisition and STEM Education. This is especially true when one considers the abundance of human resources and the tenacious nature of Africans, especially the youths, he said.

GetBundi’s platform presently hosts more than one thousand eight hours of audio-visual information, covering six years’ worth of secondary school curriculum based on the West African educational standard.

Our Education system is based on the West African curriculum, is designed for students in post-primary schools from JSS1/Year 7 to SSS3/Year 12, and includes a wide range of topics, including information and communication technology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, English language, Data processing and so on.

“It could be used as a teaching tool, as support for students who are currently enrolled in school as a means of ongoing learning, and a study guide for students who are not currently enrolled in school.”

He said, “It can also be utilized to prepare people who are standing for competitive examinations like NECO WAEC, NECO or University and Tertiary Matriculation Examinations that Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board conduct. 

He announced that GetBundi was focusing on incorporating Scientific, Technological, and Innovative skills in addition to three years of IELTS, TOEFL and JAMB review lessons into its next product deployment.”

He stated that the STI skills would include graphic design, digital marketing, coding, video editing, graphic design, and classes and that users would be awarded a certification if they could successfully finish a course and the assignments that went along with it.

In the 21st century, anyone must acquire digital skills, but this is especially true in Africa. GetBundi is the one-stop-shop for you, as he said. “STEM-focused remote jobs are in high demand and pay well, and so many people are ready to make the transition but don’t know where to start. 

The founder of GetBundi said that teaching young people STI and digital skills would help trade and build a technology-driven African market.

We plan to help and improve the skills of 10 million Africans over the next 10 years by teaching them STI and STEM digital skills. We call this plan “The GetBundi Vision 2032.”

He asked the African Union and regional economic groups in Africa like the SADC and ECOWAS to support the vision.

“There is no good opportunity than now for Africa to refocus and rethink education towards STEM and to begin on STI skills acquisition,” he added. “



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