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Ncc plans to make rural areas access broadband


When the national broadband plan is finally implemented, It won’t exclude Nigeria’s rural towns and the country’s underserved people from the project.

During the event that was held at the Sheraton Hotels in Ikeja, Lagos, and presented by Oriental News Nigeria, an online media organization, the topic discussed was “Engaging with Critical Grassroots Groups to Develop Effective Financial Inclusion Initiatives.”.”According to Bruce-Bennet, the Agency has been on the front line of driving technological platforms necessary to give everyone more ways to get monetary services. 

According to Bruce-Bennet, the Agency had successfully created strategic collaborations with the Fintech Association of Nigeria, Rockefeller Partnership Agreement, Central Bank, International Telecom Union,and other government parastatals. To encourage the provision of Digital Financial Inclusion and l Financial Services in Nigeria.

In addition, Bruce-Bennet mentioned that the Nigerian Communications Commission, through the Department of Digital Economy, is helping ASVAN build a website for digital and information training.

For its efforts in establishing a conducive environment for digital financial inclusion, Dr Uju Ogubunka, Chairman of the Bank Customers Association of Nigeria, thanked the Commission at the ceremony. Government agencies and participants were told to use the Commission’s website to get the needed information. 

This is because a thriving digital economy would increase the quality of life for those who want to take advantage of it.




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