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Chapa, an Ethiopian FinTech startup, is launching a service for businesses to accept online payments.


Chapa, an Ethiopian financial technology company, has launched a global internet payment gateway, making it possible for businesses to accept payments from clients in any part of the world.

With the help of Chapa, businesses and organizations can accept digital payments from anyone, anywhere in the world, using any local or foreign digital payment method. Payment APIs can be added to any current digital platform.

Chapa wants to help Ethiopian business owners and entrepreneurs succeed in the global market. New Hailemariam, co-founder and CEO, says that this launch solidifies our entry into Ethiopia’s financial sector. In phase two, we plan to make a bigger impact on the growth of the digital ecosystem in East Africa, and in phase three, we plan to do the same for the rest of Africa.

We have shown our impact in a short amount of time by making a difference in critical national causes. We plan to keep talking with different stakeholders and move forward with our CSR goal.




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