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Africa Data Centers Connects to Nigeria’s Major Internet Exchange


Africa Data Centres, a part of the Cassava Technologies group, one of the largest networks of connected, carrier- and cloud-neutral data centre facilities on the African continent has joined forces with IXPN, Nigeria’s main internet exchange point, this move is a big step toward a wide-scale expansion into Africa.

IXPN is, without a doubt, the best Internet exchange point in Nigeria. It gives Africa Data Centres the connections it needs to give its customers the best service on the market, says Dr Angus Hay, the group executive for IT and partnerships at Africa Data Centres.

The agreement will enable Nigerian companies to relocate their systems into a world-class data centre with great confidence, knowing they would have access to a highly available, secure, and connected ecosystem of strategic partners.”

In today’s internet-driven economy, businesses are increasingly moving their operations to the cloud and internet-centric technology. However, these businesses are finding that the costs associated with operating their infrastructures, such as backup generators and physical security, are prohibitively expensive.

The total cost of ownership can be decreased by using shared data centre resources, which can boost availability and connectivity and open up new prospects for business partnerships and technological advancement. Businesses are getting rid of their on-premises equipment to make their businesses more flexible and able to grow.

To do this, they need a trusted specialist provider to house their systems and a colocation provider who can act as a trusted partner and offer great local and international connectivity,” says Hay.

Cloud services can’t work well without stable Internet access and strong, dependable data centres. This is what the partnership between Africa Data Centres and IXPN is all about: they bring internet peering to the table, and the data centre provider gives customers access to the local ecosystem.

IXPN, the most prominent internet exchange provider in Nigeria, enables local content and service providers to connect directly to exchange local internet traffic. This ensures that these providers’ data does not have to travel over extended distances.

They are bringing the material closer to the customer, leading to significant improvements to the efficiency with which the firm operates due to the increased speed with which end users may access online resources.

IXPN CEO Muhammed Rudman said he was happy about the partnership with Africa Data Centres, “We are excited to work with Africa Data Centres to give our members another point of presence in the new Eko Atlantic City.”

Because we work with Africa Data Centres, our members can use more peering facilities, especially in Lagos. “This would considerably improve connection performance, minimize bandwidth costs, and reduce latency for Nigerian internet traffic,” he said.




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