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Google’s AI music generator is intended to revolutionize how people make and listen to music.


MusicLM, Google’s AI that makes music, is now open to the public. But users must sign up for a line before using this new tool. Also, the data that users make while using the app will be used to train the AI system even more.

Google made MusicLM, an AI-powered tool that can turn words into music, available to the public. But it should be mentioned that this release is meant to train the AI model, and your use of the app and feedback will be used to improve it. A waitlist can be used to get entry to the tool.

Google said in a press release that all you have to do is type in a phrase like “ambient, soft-sounding music I can study too,” and MusicLM will give you two song options.

You can also give a more detailed prompt, such as your desired instrument and mood. The AI will make two versions, which you can listen to and decide which you like best. Google hopes to use user feedback to improve this tool’s features.

Since these AI music generators are trained on existing music to make similar sounds, there have been worries about copyright infringement for years.

Several artists who didn’t know or agree to their work being used to train AI systems have filed cases. Universal Music Group said that Spotify had taken down thousands of AI-generated songs from startup Boomy over the past month.

Google said in a blog post that it has been working with artists like Dan Deacon and holding workshops to “see how this technology can help the creative process.” you can see how a GoogleLM artist works here.


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