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Proto riases $5.6 million in Series A round


Proto is a Canadian company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve customer experiences. It has just finished a Series A funding round led by Mucker Capital and raised a total of $5.6 million.

In addition, Yolo Investments, already a stakeholder, participated in the funding round.

The company assists operators of contact centers, such as the Medical City Clinic.

The Bank of Ghana and the National Bank of Rwanda. We are in the process of automating communications with clients using their local language. These operators can be found in many countries, from the Philippines to Zambia.

Because there aren’t enough training materials for machine learning, it can be hard for chatbots to understand languages like Twi, Kinyarwanda, and Cebuano, Kinyarwanda.

According to Curtis Matlock, the Chief Executive Officer of Proto, “In the face of crises that have been particularly challenging for people in developing countries across the globe, we think that it is more important than it has ever been for customer experience and citizen involvement to promote inclusiveness as a guiding principle. Conversational AI installations for local languages by Proto are helping to solve problems like long wait times, problems that haven’t been fixed, and limited language and channel support in more than a dozen emerging markets.

With the utilization of chatbots powered by Proto’s in-house natural language processing technology and nationwide, data-intensive deployments with regulators such as central banks across 2000+ private sector entities, Proto has demonstrated its ability to revolutionize financial services industry. The company addresses this concern. HermesAITM, the natural language processing engine used by Proto, possesses a unique comprehension of regional and mixed languages such as Taglish (a hybrid of English and Tagalog.




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