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The business-to-business software company Zeew has raised $630,000 in seed funding


Zeew, a B2B software as a service platform based in Egypt, has closed a seed round funding of $630,000 with the help of Plug and Play Ventures, Poland Prize, and angel investors.

After getting $170,000 in the last 24 months, the Egyptian Startup has raised a total of $200,000 in the last few months.

Because the B2B SaaS platform assists businesses in building marketplaces, including logistics, in more than one hundred countries, the newly raised capital will be put toward expanding our workforce and our customer base in emerging areas.

The company launched in November 2017 as a B2B on-demand last-mile delivery service for small businesses, with a particular emphasis on flower shops, cosmetic shops, and bookstores as its target customers.

The company was founded in Estonia, and as of January 2018, it was one of the first companies in Europe to offer on-demand delivery technology based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

As of March 2018, the Startup has attracted over 2,000 new investors on its online platform.

According to Mohamed Ghaith, the Founder and CEO of Zeew, the company’s automated platform has created an entire ecosystem for businesses. As a result, a business’s eCommerce store can be created and connected to its native client ordering apps, vendor apps, driver apps, dispatcher, accounting system, and other applications with only a few clicks.

According to the company’s creator, Zeew made the transition toward the end of 2019 due to the intense competition. We developed a fantastic technology in response to our requirements, and we initially decided to make it available to the general public in exchange for a one-time payment. However, we quickly realized how challenging it would be to support many customers using a separate codebase, so we switched to the Saas-based model instead. Since then, our business has expanded to more than one hundred countries.

Customers of Zeew can run all of their businesses from a single admin dashboard. The company also operates a reseller program, which makes it possible for any entrepreneur to launch their own company by reselling the automated processes developed by the Startup under their domain name and brand, with the added ability to determine their reseller prices. The launch only takes one day to complete.



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