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MNT- Halan,an Egyptian startup acquires Talabeyah,an ecommerce website


Talabeyah is a Business-to-business e-commerce site that offers FMCG products and was recently acquired by the Egyptian fintech company MNT-Halan for an amount that has not been made public.

Talabeyah was established in 2020 by Amr Abbas, Karim Nassef and Khaled Hussein to digitalize and disrupt all the unorganized Fast moving good consumer market in Egypt. The founders used technology, a cutting-edge supply chain model, and their considerable FMCG industry experience to develop the company.

Small retailers may run their businesses better with the help of Talabeyah’s digital platform, which provides fast access to a vast assortment of products, utterly transparent pricing information, and a very dependable service level. Smaller retailers can manage their businesses more efficiently.

The Chief Executive Officer of MNT-Halan, Mounir Nakhla, made the following statement in response to the transaction: “The purchase of Talabeyah is another milestone in our objective of establishing a comprehensive digital ecosystem and is a perfect match for our two companies.” Talabeyah has established a dependable business operation, in addition to developing a comprehensive online catalogue and entering into contracts with the most prominent FMCG suppliers. Because of MNT-Halan, Talabeyah will have the opportunity to grow across the country. This is because MNT-Halan will finance their customers’ purchases and provide them with access to hundreds of thousands of businesses and support from our team of 120 IT engineers. I’m looking forward to working together with Karim.

As a result of this transaction, MNT-Halan can give small business owners more control while simultaneously challenging the fragmented and multi-talented FMCG supply chain paradigm. The MNT-digital Halan ecosystem includes the provision of consumer and small business loans, as well as online payment processing and retail e-commerce. With the inclusion of a digitized FMCG product in MNT-merchant Halan’s network, the breadth and scope of the company will be significantly enlarged, and the persistence of its ecosystem will improve.

The Chief Executive Officer of Talabeyah, Karim Nassef, said, “We are thrilled to have finally reached the close, and we are ready to develop our business countrywide.” Because we cooperate with MNT, we can quickly expand the scope of our business. -Halan. As a result, we have access to many people, technical expertise and financial resources. We are delighted to be able to assist MNT-Halan in achieving their objective of expanding their business beyond international borders, and we are happy to be a part of it.




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