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Chenosis and Botlhale Partner on AI Project for All Languages


African accelerator platform Chenosis has collaborated with Botlhale AI Solutions on a project enabling people of all languages to use AI. The partners will work together to let companies on Chenosis’s platform communicate with customers in their native language via conversational AI.

“We provide clients with conversational AI to cut support costs, reach more customers, boost conversions and customer retention,” said Botlhale co-founder and CEO Thapelo Nthite.

Chenosis, an MTN Group member, is a pan-African accelerator launched in 2020. It creates more efficient, affordable code by letting developers and businesses discover and subscribe to Africa’s largest open API marketplace.

From one platform, Chenosis provides API access across telecoms, e-health, e-government, IoT, fintech, e-commerce, identity, payments, location and more. “It helps businesses re-imagine progress,” said Chenosis head of product Waseem Amra.

The Chenosis Marketplace allows publishers to sell API subscriptions and packages to developers and enterprises. It provides tracking of revenue, balances, consumption, performance and more.

Natural spoken language enables seamless human-computer interaction as tech proliferates. Botlhale develops NLP tools to help providers use AI across African languages.

“We now offer this service to enterprises via Chenosis subscription, facilitating customer communication in their language, writing and speech,” Nthite said.

Amra encouraged exploring how Botlhale’s APIs can solve value chain issues and reduce mobile identity fraud in local languages through Chenosis’s ecosystem.

Chenosis aims to be an API community enhancing business operations, expanding partner reach, and providing ready-to-use code for non-techies. As an exchange linking stakeholders, it represents the bonds that hold everything together.

This collaboration harnesses Botlhale’s language technology and Chenosis’s pan-African scale for wider conversational AI adoption. By enabling multilingual customer engagement, it can boost user trust and satisfaction



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