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SoberTech Leverages Tech to Transform Addiction Recovery Across Africa


SoberTech, founded by engineer Dinah Lugard, is expanding its innovative addiction recovery outreach program from Nigeria and Ghana to South Africa. Through technology, it aims to make recovery accessible, engaging, and stigma-free.

“SoberTech’s vision is digital rehabilitation across the globe. We want to create a lasting impact and a world where people struggling with addiction have judgement-free support and captivating resources for sobriety,” said Lugard.

Beyond raising awareness, SoberTech offers tailored support and essential resources to those in need. At its core is increasing awareness, particularly among youth, about substance abuse dangers while providing tangible assistance. It equips rehab centers with cutting-edge devices, making recovery more effective and engaging, and awards scholarships to students in rehab.

Lugard pioneered the SoberTech app, offering non-judgemental support to reduce the stigma often associated with addiction recovery. With comprehensive objectives, SoberTech is:

Improving accessibility to recovery resources regardless of circumstances.

Leveraging technology to make recovery captivating.

Fostering stigma-free environments for seeking help.

Conducting grassroots outreach, especially to youth, about abuse perils.

Equipping rehab centers with state-of-the-art electronics.

SoberTech’s expansion demonstrates the transformative power of compassionate technology to drive positive societal change. Its vision for empowering, accessible sobriety journeys is inspiring. As it continues expanding, its impact on individuals struggling with addiction will grow, making recovery more hopeful and destigmatised.

SoberTech is shaping Africa’s addiction recovery future through digital rehabilitation. Its unrelenting commitment to this cause is creating real change.

However, realising the full potential requires addressing key challenges:

Bridging the digital divide. Large segments of the population lack digital access, especially in rural areas. Creative grassroots outreach can help.

Combating stigma at the institutional level. Changing the mindsets of healthcare providers and law enforcement is crucial.

Expanding rehabilitation infrastructure. Resources are scarce in many regions, necessitating public-private partnerships.

Cultivating localised solutions. Needs and cultural contexts differ greatly across Africa’s communities.

Ensuring long-term engagement. Maintaining user motivation beyond the early treatment stages is critical for sustained sobriety.

If SoberTech can leverage its compassionate ethos and technology to navigate these hurdles, its impact could be truly revolutionary. Its aspirational vision of recovery without judgement or barriers is within reach through strategic digital expansion and collaboration.



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