Chinese electric vehicle BYD has expanded its operations into Kenya.


Build Your Dream(BYD) , a leading Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently announced its expansion into Rwanda, marking its entry into another East African nation following its success in Kenya. The company’s strategic move into Rwanda is in line with the country’s commitment to sustainable development, providing BYD with the opportunity to introduce its electric models to the African market.

BYD’s impressive market position is evidenced by its status as China’s top-selling automaker and brand. Notably, in December 2023, the company experienced a remarkable 45% increase in sales, reaching a total of 3,024,417 vehicles sold for the year, representing a substantial 61.9% surge compared to the previous year.

In a significant development, BasiGo, a pioneering electric transit service in East Africa, has incorporated BYD buses into its fleet. The expansion of BasiGo into Rwanda in July 2023 aimed to address the shortage of electric transit options in the country.

Moreover, Associated Vehicle Assemblers (AVA), an esteemed automobile company, revealed its plan to assemble 130 electric vehicles from BYD in Kenya in March 2023. Additionally, BasiGo joined forces with AVA to assemble buses in Mombasa in January of the same year.

BYD’s footprint in Africa expanded further in July 2023 with the introduction of the Standard Range and Extended Range variants of its Atto 3 model in the South African market. The company’s expansion from Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal provinces to the Northern Cape in November signifies its continued growth and presence in the region.




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