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Egyptian SWVL introduces Electric Vehicles in Switzerland


The municipality of Belp in Switzerland is located in a charming rural area characterized by a unique natural landscape preserved. Belp has a population of 11,500 people living in a 23.3 km2 area.

Despite being only 15 kilometers north of Bern, Belp has substantial accessibility challenges in urban public transportation, which will always impede the development of a vibrant environment.

Swvl is an Egyptian startup that has its headquarters in Dubai. The company is one of the top global providers of innovative tech-enabled mass transportation solutions that enhance the level of comfort, dependability, and safety in some of the most challenging and most complicated emerging markets.

The Startup  is perfectly set up to take advantage of the $1tn global mass transit market opportunity. It has domestic, interstate, TaaS, and SaaS solutions. Swvl serves 115 cities in 18 countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Svwl takes more than 1,100 people around Herzogenbuchsee, Emmental, Ostermundigen, and Andermatt every week, and my Bux has already started many successful on-demand transit services in Switzerland.

Because things went so well in the neighboring Ostermundigen, it was decided to connect several parts of the Belp municipality over an area of 17,25 km2.

The service started by setting up 81 “virtual stops” close to where the user lives. These “virtual stops” include the train station, which functions as a first and last mile point of connection to the Swiss train system with the adjacent towns of Bern and Thun, with a trip duration of approximately 15 minutes.

The service first went live on August 20, 2022, and its hours of operation are as follows: throughout the week, they are open from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, and on the weekends, they are open till 1:30 a.m.

Using a white-labeled version of the Swvl app, people can reserve seats on mybuxi buses for immediate or planned trips.

The fact that Swvl is committed to the community’s economy, sustainability, and a cleaner environment is further demonstrated by the company’s use of 100% electric vehicles.

The new On-Demand Transit service in Belp is a great example of how Swvl’s technology is changing things in central Europe.

So far, the Swvl operations in Switzerland have made more than 100,000 trips safer, better for the environment, and easier to find.




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