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Seedstars starts up a platform to train new and diverse VC managers


With the help of X multiplied, a Swiss investment holding company, Seedstars, has launched Seedstars Capital, an investment platform for new venture capital fund managers.

Seedstars hopes the platform will bring more than $500 million in new funding to new and diverse managers. This will create 10,000 new jobs and add over $20 billion to the GDP of emerging markets over the next ten years.

The platform works with new and different managers with local knowledge and unique strategies to form partnerships and give them the tools they need to start new funds and grow their investment firms. At the same time, it encourages investors to put money into these early-stage companies by giving them a way to spread their money out across the asset class in emerging markets.

Seedstars International Ventures has helped more than 90 emerging market venture ecosystems since it began in 2013. It is the world’s first seed-stage venture capital fund to focus on emerging and global frontier markets. It has invested in over 30 countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia.

Seedstars International Ventures II was its first fund for startups in emerging markets. The International Finance Corporation (IFC), Visa Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, and Symbiotics are among the well-known investors who put in $20 million to close the first round of the fund.

Now, the organization is working on launching funds focusing on EdTech, supply chain, ClimateTech, and other sectors that have a significant impact. The company also plans to work with several additional sector-specific technology funds that operate in emerging and frontier markets from Pre-Seed to Series A.




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