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Cisco to use new technology to predict network outages in South Africa




Due to the current state of the economy, businesses in South Africa are under increasing pressure to take preventative measures to safeguard against the possibility of network outages and unforeseen downtime.It affect productivity which consequenctly result in low revenue for companies and businesses.

Cisco has presented the predictive network technology to assist IT teams in avoiding such costly disruptions .

Cisco has been developing a predictive analytics engine for the past two years. This engine has been tested and tuned with customers from various industries. It uses machine learning approaches and advanced analytics techniques to make it more accurate and easier to use.

Cisco predictive networks use a wide range of satellite tracking sources to compile their data. Once it’s incorporated, it can identify patterns in the data and use different models to make predictions about potential problems with the user experience and propose solutions.

For municipal technology leaders, self-healing networks that can predict, learn and will provide them with everything necessary for business success in a digital landscape.”

According to Conrad Steyn, the Chief Technology Officer of Cisco South Africa, early adopters are experiencing significant time and financial savings due to Cisco’s work on predictive networks. This work has been tested and improved with users.

According to 2022 Cisco’s Global Networking Trends Report, 45 per cent of leaders in IT surveyed identified network disruptions as the primary challenge facing networks. Even if there are no interruptions in service, companies must now pay close attention to how customers feel about the network connections they use.

According to the App Attention Index 2021 study, 57% of respondents believe that brands only have one chance to make an impression on them and that they will stop using them if the digital service fails to meet their expectations.

“If local businesses want to fulfil the full potential of what it means to operate as a digital company then they need to find a better way to forecast problems with the network, avoid them before they happen, and make sure customers get the best experience possible,” said Steyn.

With Cisco’s predictive technology,  technology leaders stop problems before they occur and prevent network operators from outages for a network provider to enhance the customer experience and help improve network performance simultaneously.

“Cisco intends to provide this predictive technology across its product portfolio through integrated, user-friendly software-as-a-service solutions. According to Steyn, “this will make Cisco predictive networks available to businesses of any size and will assist South African organizations in focusing more on growing their business and less on managing network issues.”






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