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“Nigerian Health Tech Venture, Clafiya, Garners $610k in Pre -Funding Rounds.


Clafiya, a Nigerian health tech startup, recently secured a substantial amount of $610,000 in a pre-seed funding round. The primary objectives behind this funding are directed toward accelerating product development and facilitating staff expansion.

Several prominent investors actively participated in this funding round, demonstrating their belief in Clafiya’s potential. The list of contributors includes Norrsken Accelerator, Acquired Wisdom Fund (AWF), Hustle Fund, Voltron Capital, Microtraction, Ajim Capital, HoaQ, Bold Angel Fund, and Shivdasani Family, alongside various other angel investors. The funding was a blend of grants, angel investments, and venture capital funds, further solidifying Clafiya’s position in the market.

Launched in 2021, Clafiya has experienced significant growth, expanding its services to cover Lagos and Enugu. The health tech startup aims to connect individuals seeking medical attention with qualified doctors and nurses, eliminating the need to travel for appointments or sacrifice work hours.

Through the platform, patients can conveniently receive their prescribed medications delivered to their doorsteps, reducing the burden of tiresome trips to the pharmacy. Clafiya’s innovative approach strives to enhance accessibility to healthcare services, making it more convenient and efficient for those in need.

In addition to its primary services, the startup provides comprehensive healthcare solutions, offering convenient diagnostic testing sample collection directly from patients’ homes.

Through Clafiya’s platform, users access various wellness-related services, including gyms, nutritionists, wellness centers, and other specialized well-being offerings.

The company’s revenue streams are diversified, catering to over 3,000 individuals and numerous enterprises. These enterprises utilize Clafiya’s services to provide health insurance coverage for their employees, making it a crucial resource in corporate healthcare benefits.

In addition to its partnerships with pharmacies, clinics, and wellness companies, the startup has witnessed a remarkable 15% month-over-month increase in revenue. Initially focused on providing accessible healthcare options to individuals who preferred avoiding hospitals, Clafiya’s CEO, Jennie Nwokoye, revealed that customer demands drove the company’s evolution. As customers began seeking assistance with drug delivery, diagnostics, and mental health services, Clafiya became an online primary healthcare clinic, broadening its scope and impact in the healthcare industry.




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