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Worldcoin Unveils World ID: A Revolutionary Leap in Digital Identity for Humanity


In today’s digital landscape, the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots, such as ChatGPT, has made it increasingly challenging to distinguish between humans and AI entities. This surge in fake virtual identities and bots has raised significant privacy and security concerns for internet users.

To address this issue, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has taken the initiative to launch a unique cryptocurrency project called Worldcoin. This ambitious project aims to revolutionize digital identification by introducing a special credential called the “World ID.” With the World ID, users can verify their authenticity as real humans, potentially solving the problem of fake identities and AI-driven accounts.

Functioning as a digital passport, the World ID serves as a means for users to validate their status as real humans without disclosing their real-world identity. To acquire a World ID, individuals must undergo a biometric verification process using an Orb, a device designed for this purpose. During the Orb verification, users undergo face and iris scans, ensuring they are genuine and distinct individuals online while preserving complete privacy.

Once users complete the biometric screening and establish their World ID, they receive a cryptocurrency token known as WLD. Since the project’s announcement, WLD has been listed on Binance and other exchanges, experiencing considerable trading activity, reaching up to $145 million at one point, as reported by ZDNet.

Apart from its primary objective of enhancing online identity verification, Worldcoin has broader aspirations of promoting economic equality and democratizing fund distribution. The project envisions a potential implementation of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) system, wherein every individual would receive a basic income, with funding facilitated by AI technology.

Since its beta launch, the project has garnered considerable attention, attracting over two million users worldwide who have undergone scanning. Worldcoin operates in 11 cities across the United States and has initiated the distribution of 1500 Orbs to over 35 cities globally.

To avail themselves of the biometric verification process, individuals can visit the World App or access to locate the nearest Orb facility and schedule an appointment for their in-person verification.




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