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Coding has Become a New Thing for Unemployed South Africans


TechInAfrica – Albeit the abundance of institutions, companies, and establishments in the country, South Africa suffers from lack of developers, engineers, and coders that master the skills of programming and computer science. This leaves most major businesses in the country desperately trying to either train their employees with computer expertise, or to hire fresh skills from the youths of the region. The latter option was regarded as a substantial opportunity for those still unemployed, practicing their coding skills to better suit their potential employers’ needs and requirements.

President Cyril Ramaphosa deemed it should be regarded a national crisis, seeing that two-thirds of the population with ages between 15 and 34 are unemployed. Since we’re constantly evolving in a digital, technological world, those who possess computer and engineering skills will get a better chance in living—and a better chance at landing good jobs at companies in the tech scene. Moreover, a lot of firms and corporations are working on manifesting the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where it includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, and the evolution of machine-learning mechanics. This argument further emphasized that coding and computer skills serve as pathways to grasp the future. Not just in South Africa, but essentially the whole world in general.

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WeThinkCode_, a non-government educational institution based on Cape Town and Johannesburg, offers a peer-to-peer learning environment with no teachers nor tuition. Students without any experience whatsoever in the world of coding, can participate in their trainings to upgrade their skills. Associated with a various number of donors, WeThinkCode_ aims to inspire the students’ surroundings to learn how to code too. For example, if one skilled developer brings influence to at least ten people—because the one person is creating employments and bringing efficiency to the workplace, imagine what happens if ten skilled developers brings influence to at least ten people each. What happens if a hundred skilled developers have the same impact on their surroundings? A thousand—even more?

You can apply for their coding programs by clicking here.

This was one of the prime factors why coding has become the next big thing for unemployed South Africans. Despite some of them don’t have the proper equipment (computers, laptops, internet connection), the trend for coding is still high it is very unlikely that it will come down anytime soon.



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