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Concept Nova Addresses Diesel Leakage By Offering Fuel Control Solution To Essential Service Providers


TechInAfrica – Concept Nova, a Nigerian-based company has launched a new diesel management solution that will allow service providers to prevent diesel leakage and robbery. Called Fuel Control System (FCS), it’s a cost-friendly solution for essentials service providers on saving cost, creating profitability as well as meeting business demands. 

The progressive telematics solution grants essential service providers control over the stationary and mobile assets, and according to the Managing Director Chukwuma Ochonogor, the numerous use of public power supply in the country have made diesel-fueled generators reliance a significant occurrence in the industry. 

“With the erratic public power supply in the country, many essential service providers such as FMCGs, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics and Haulage companies and others rely more on diesel for their generators, storage facility and fleet to stay productive during this period. This is why we are offering our affordable diesel management solution to help prevent diesel leakage and theft occurrences during offloading and refueling of diesel-powered assets,” Ochonogor says. 

As someone working as Admin and Procurement Manager at a Financial Services firm, Obi Okafor is able to utilize the solution to detect frauds that their diesel suppliers engage in, which can prevent the loss of millions of Naira. 

“Diesel is one of the top three expenses incurred by my organization every year as we rely heavily on our generators for constant electricity supply. For some time, we suspected our diesel suppliers were shortchanging us by not delivering the exact volume of diesel paid for. Using Concept Nova’s diesel management solution helped us confirm our suspicions, get our money’s worth and save millions of Naira,” Okafor says. 

credit: concept nova

The solution provides real-time reports for businesses to do remote monitoring and audit the diesel usage trends, and this is to ensure that they can earn Return on Investment while saving cost of operation. Customers are updated with the changes in diesel levels with SMS and email notification.



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