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The Long-Running Partnership Between TETFund and Galaxy Backbone Focuses On ICT Development


TechInAfrica – The partnership between Galaxy Backbone and TETFund is becoming of a more solid rock in recent years. It’s only some time ago that the CEO of Galaxy Backbone (GBB), Mr. Yusuf Kazaure, accepted a courtesy call from Professor Suleiman Elias Bogoro, the Executive Secretary (ES) of Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) and recently, Mr. Kazaure and his team welcomed Mr. Bogoro’s official visit with his management team.

The visit, carrying a goal of strengthening the continuity of their long-running deal for years, would also find an opportunity for Mr. Bogoro to evaluate GBB’s latest infrastructure of its up to date technology, since he needs to make sure that his vision for TETFund can be carried forward in the future with GBB’s capability.


GBB has been running under the objective to support the public sector under one network with its committed ICT services and thus allowing the government to receive growth from the economic field, and it plans on doing so for a long time. In his opening speech, Mr. Kazaure was grateful for the trust that TETFund has given to them and assured them of GBB’s unstopping commitment to keep their service reliable and sufficient. So far, as Mr. Kazaure disclosed, GBB has helped the government reroute its expense on the technology sector. Instead, GBB offered an alternative by relying on the company’s technology infrastructure, as it would as well benefit all agencies and the citizens of the country.

GBB wants TETFund to take advantage of its fiber infrastructure for serving TETFund’s regional offices while building a technology that reaches the entire country. The operations within GBB are actively re-certified based on ISO 27001 and ISO 20000, using International service standards to deliver safe and trusted service. The fiber optic cables will connect Federal Secretariats and the Government-owned Tertiary Institutions, as explained by Mr. Kazaure.

Mr. Bogoro is equally delighted with the development of their partnership and wishes to further associate with GBB. He saw ICT as an important piece that completes the growth of the digital economy and the education sector and was satisfied with the level of commitment GBB has shown as seen from their service delivery.



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