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Copia Global and Cellulant have partnered to drive payments for their customers in both the urban and diaspora markets.


Copia Global has announced a partnership with Cellulant, a Pan-African Payments technology company, to make it easier for its customers in the diaspora and cities to pay. Copia Global is the only B2C e-commerce platform that offers e-commerce solutions to Africa’s 800 million middle- and low-income consumers, a group that is increasing.

Through this partnership, Copia’s customers in the diaspora and cities can use the Cellulant network to easily buy things for their loved ones in rural areas of Kenya.

This gives urban and rural buyers more options, affordability, and convenience when shopping for everyday things.

We are very committed to making e-commerce easier in Africa and are excited to work with Cellulant to help Copia reach more customers.

Tim Steel, CEO of Copia Global, said, “This will allow us to give customers in the diaspora and cities more convenient payment options when they shop on Copia’s platform for friends and family in Kenya and Uganda.”

The Central Bank of Kenya says that the amount of money sent home to Kenya has increased ten times in the last fifteen years, reaching a record high of 3.72 million dollars in 2021. 

Digital payments from diasporans to rural families in Kenya and many other African countries save the lives of millions of families.

Diasporans and people who live in cities can use Copia’s online platform to pay for goods and send them to friends and family back home.

We are thrilled to be Copia’s payments technology partner, allowing diaspora consumers to make transactions easily.

As the African e-commerce and payments landscape evolves, fintechs and e-commerce platforms must work more closely together to increase opportunities that will assist improve payments and collections for businesses and their consumers across all sectors of the economy. Cellulant CEO Akshay Grover stated.

In recent years, Cellulant has made payments easier for many businesses in different industries, such as airlines, telecoms, e-commerce platforms, and ride-hailing companies. In 2021 alone, Cellulant will process about USD 14 billion.

Cellulant offers a single digital payments platform called Tingg that answers organisations’ complicated payment demands.

Tingg makes it easy for businesses that want to digitise their payments to collect and send payments using various payment methods and currencies while giving their customers the best possible experience.

Copia uses mobile technology, over 40,000 digitally-enabled local agents, and an innovative last-mile logistics system to give rural customers a wide range of products that can be delivered quickly and reliably.

Customers can give a friend or family member the phone number at checkout, and Copia will take care of the rest. This includes finding the recipient, finding the closest delivery centre agent, and delivering the goods.

About Copia Global

Copia Global was started in Kenya in 2013. It uses mobile technology, a network of local Agents, and its own Copia Logistics to reach a market that traditional retail and Western e-commerce models can’t.

Copia provides quality products at the lowest market pricing to thousands of clients daily at no cost.

The company in Kenya and Uganda has filled more than 13 million orders. Copia’s Digital and Financial Services, founded in 2021, will improve the e-Commerce model by building products for payments, credit, and loans that make it easier for people to join Copia’s e-commerce ecosystem.

Across Kenya and Uganda, the company has established a network of over 40,000 Agents, which are local merchants who function as order and delivery locations. Customers can choose whether to interact with Copia online or in person.

Copia has its own world-class logistics service that is made possible by technology. It can deliver to the most remote places, even if there aren’t any roads or addresses, at no extra cost to the customer.




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