Customers of MallforAfrica Are Now Able to Purchase Chinese Products


TechInAfrica —  Through the announcement made by the largest e-commerce platform in Africa, MallforAfrica, their customers are now able to buy products from Chinese brands. For your information, the platform sells products to 17 African countries. They plan to add 10 more in the next year. The app itself provides billions of products from over 250 of the U.K and the U.S retailers which brings its customers many options.

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The platform provides its African customers the best solutions for online shopping, including security, simplicity, as well as convenience. They also have access to other brands from different countries in the world.

As what is said by the CEO of MallforAfrica, Chris Folayan: “We are glad to announce to our customers that they are now able to purchase products from China at a lower price. China has always been Africa’s largest trading partner since 2009. Therefore, our decision to add Chinese brands to our platform was our next step to increase the company’s growth.”

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Both countries created the largest market in the world and the idea came from the strategy of reformation and opening up. The collaboration between Africa and China in trade business goes up 19% per year, based on the Ministry of Commerce in 2017. Speaking of exports from China to Africa, they stand at approximately $47 billion (3% increase).

MallforAfrica has a big commitment to meet every individual of its customers’ shopping experience. Customers are able to select items they want to purchase, add it to cart, and check out. It also guarantees its customers a secure and convenient payment system.

As for the payment method, the platform provides seven options where MFA’s prepaid Webcard is included. After a customer makes the purchase and the payment, the item will be shipped to a nearby warehouse either in the U.K, U.S, or China. They also provide a trusted courier partner to do the shipping process and to make sure the package is well received by the buyers.


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