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“Data Privacy Takes Center Stage in Senegal: Regulator Alerts Yassir, Rapidly Growing Algerian Startup, about Protection Measures”


Senegal places a high value on data protection, and the nation’s Data Protection Commission (CDP) is committed to it. The CDP recently warned Yassir, a ride-hailing service from Algeria that has just expanded its operations to Senegal, advising them to adhere to the nation’s data protection rules and regulations.

The corporations must disclose any private databases, data processing systems, and files they utilize internally. When clients create accounts on ride-hailing companies’ apps or websites, they typically provide them with personal information such as name, email address, phone number, ride history, and location data. Cookies and other tracking technologies that gather data on browsing patterns and user preferences may also be used to collect data.

The CDP has also asked the Operating Company, a subcontractor of the Regional Express Train, to say what video surveillance tools it has in place to protect personal data.

According to the commission’s quarterly report, the Common Charter for managing and using data from the TotalEnergies Marketing Senegal anti-fatigue system and Globo Afrique SARL’s data protection policy for the use of the artificial intelligence solution “ADAS/DSM” were both approved.

Globo Afrique SARL and TotalEnergies Marketing Senegal have Certificates of Conformity, suitable for three years, and can be renewed when they run out. 

The CDP’s order and quarterly report show how important data protection is in Senegal and how hard the regulator works to ensure the rules are followed. It also shows how important it is for companies in the country to follow its data security laws and get the certifications they need to do business legally.




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