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The Algerian super app Yassir has earned $150 million in Series B funding


Yassir, an on-demand marketplace that offers transportation, grocery delivery, banking, and more, just announced a $150 million Series B funding round from well-known investors from around the world.

Strategic investors like Y Combinator, DN Capital, Dorsal Capital, and Stanford Alumni Ventures (formerly known as Spike Ventures) joined BOND in leading the investment.

It has raised $193.25 million in the five years since it was founded, making it the most valuable startup in North Africa and one of the most valuable companies in Africa and the Middle East.

The company started up in 2017, and it already has more than 8 million users in six countries and forty-five locations  

The super app is popular in parts of French-speaking Africa and the Maghreb region (Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia). It has three main services: banking services, food and grocery delivery, and ride-hailing.

The software gives its users a place where they can do everything they need to do every day, from getting to work to ordering groceries and meals. It has everything in one place.

These services benefit over 100,000 partners, including drivers, couriers, merchants, and wholesalers, as well as other gig workers and vendors.

Yassir” means “easy” in Arabic, and our goal as a company is to make people’s lives easier, says Noureddine Tayebi, the company’s founder and CEO.

We already have a big effect on how people in the markets where we work go about their daily lives. We’re excited to set up in more places so that we can be the first super app that a lot of people use.

Yassir hopes to expand its work in the area with the money from this new round of funding.




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