Djibouti Launches Digital Government Services for Efficient Governance and Permitting


Djibouti has embarked on an ambitious initiative to digitize its public services, aiming to fully capitalize on the digital economy’s benefits.

The Djiboutian government recently announced the upcoming launch of two new digital services: e-Cabinet and e-Building Permit. These initiatives, unveiled at the 8th Council of Ministers session on Tuesday, May 14th, are designed to modernize governance, enhance administrative efficiency, and provide a digital solution for building permits.

Developed by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Innovation, with technical support from the National Agency for State Information Systems (ANSIE), e-Cabinet expands the government’s document management capabilities. This platform supports high-level decision-making by offering advanced features for managing proposals, agendas, reference documents, and legal texts throughout their lifecycle. Additionally, it ensures seamless interaction between various government systems, centralizing document management and fostering secure communication.

The e-Building Permit platform is set to replace the existing building permit issuance system, which is now deemed outdated. This innovative solution features an online portal that provides considerable advantages for all stakeholders involved in the building permit issuance process. The platform’s key features include streamlined permit submission, online payments, and real-time application tracking.

This platform deployment is a component of the “Djibouti Fondement Numérique” project, which also encompasses the development of national broadband infrastructure, the promotion of e-learning, and the enhancement of telecommunications service quality at affordable prices.

These digital solutions aim to digitize government decision-making processes, enable secure communication and document sharing between ministries and government entities, and significantly reduce the time required to process services.



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