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South Africa Application Developers Should Integrate Their Apps With Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) For These Four Reasons


TechInAfrica – Huawei has been focused on helping application developers after launching its application store, HUAWEI AppGallery in 2019. Huawei has a vision to always bring the best services for both local and global consumers for using Huawei applications on their devices. This means that Huawei sets the great value of ensuring that developers in South Africa receive all they need from Huawei in order to grow and integrate their application Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). 

The reasons why South Africa apps developers should integrate with Huawei Mobile Services are described as follows: 

Easily access the global markets

South Africa developers will have a chance to see the device base of Huawei by integrating their apps to HM. Also, through HUAWEI AppGallery, developers can grow the number of consumers who have access to their apps. Huawei Mobile Service has been used by more than Over 490 million people in 170 countries. 

Opportunity to design specifically for Huawei devices

By integrating app with HMS, developers are able to use the capabilities of Huawei’s unprecedented device hardware. Developers are completed with software which is particularly created for Huawei devices. 

Access to free local and international marketing

AppGallery has determined 11M New Downloads in South Africa for all partners in H1 – 2020.

Global registered developers: 98% ↑

Currently 1.8million Global registered developers

Apps integrated with HMS Core: 123%↑YoY Growth

261 Billion app distributions – Total from Jan. 2020 to Aug. 2020

Earn income from their own apps

Developers are able to earn income from their application which has been integrated with HMS by using the ads engine (HUAWEI Ads). 

Developers can get an additional revenue by using these advertisement kits, including ads into their apps. 3,100+ abroad apps have Integrated HUAWEI Ads.

As a brand dedicated to helping app developers, Huawei is now moving two new competitions, which will be running until 30 November. 



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