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Sila Health

Disruptive African Telemedicine Platform


A large number of Sub-Saharan Africans battle with getting to essential wellbeing and clinical consideration through conventional methods. Online health support is currently difficult to reach for a greater part of the region’s occupants as many online health solutions are data-heavy making it overwhelmingly expensive for the average consumer to afford them.

For one to address such an issue there has to be an alternative solution that is less data-reliant and can easily be accessed by the economically vulnerable. This is where Sila Health comes in. With over 30k active users in 51 countries, This 5 star-rated platform has set its vision on becoming Africa’s leading Telemedicine platform. Their product is an AI-powered chatbot that empowers low-income people with restricted access to health services and the internet to immediately obtain guidance on their wellbeing that can help them fundamentally improve their health. By leveraging popular platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp and SMS, the chatbot users are able to access medical information at a little to no cost.

“We have worked closely with the administration of Bulawayo to co-create a series of tools optimized for a national and municipal-level COVID-19 response. 

Since Coronavirus tests are not widely available yet our platform provides online assistance to people who believe they may have coronavirus symptoms to help keep low-risk patients from clogging up under-equipped local hospitals and testing centers. We do this by:

– Disseminating information on the virus through chat.

– Enabling users to assess their symptoms through our chat-based World Health Organisation symptom checker.

– Collecting geographic and human network information for cases identified as potential positives to assist with contact tracing.

– Collecting anonymized data and analyze health trends in each locale, providing real-time insight into the spread of diseases, pandemics, and the prevalence of drug resistance.

– Using our data to better inform decision making in communities, as it can detail the areas that are suffering the most from health-related issues.

This partnership has proved to be very successful as our AI chatbot has answered general questions related to the virus and our assessment questionnaire drastically reduced the burden on the city’s testing capacity. Additionally, our Trends data now forms part of the Mayor’s monthly report.”- Babusi Nyoni (Co-Founder at Sila Health)

If you would like to learn more or access Sila Health kindly follow the links below

Website –

Facebook – (Say “Hi” to Sis Joyce on Facebook Messenger)

Whatsaap – (Say “Hi” to +31686251005 on WhatsApp)


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