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The fight against COVID using tech


A few days ago I had the pleasure to connect with a social entrepreneur by the name of Enya Seguin. Enya is the Co-founder and Ceo of Yapili as well as the business development manager Delft Imaging. I was curious to learn about the surge of HealthTech in Africa and what businesses like Delft Imaging have been up to during these pressing times.

Delft Imaging is an innovator in the field of medical imaging for low-resource settings. The organization’s end goal is to create a world wherein everybody can profit by the cutting edge world advances in the field of medicinal services. Delft is explicitly committed to improving diagnostics around the globe by methods for its imaging analytics software, mobile clinics, portable X-ray units, and related services to support local and global organizations and governments with screening programs. Motivated by this goal the organization has created a specialized tuberculosis (TB) screening solution that has screened over 6 million people in 40 countries. 

As part of their commitment towards supporting the diagnosis of COVID-19 around the world, the organization launched CAD4COVID 30th of March. This is an AI software that detects COVID-19 in the lungs. Currently, this solution has been implemented in 35 facilities around the world with large upcoming projects in South Africa and Ghana. As an effort to fight against this pandemic the solution is offered free of charge.

“Even though little is known about COVID-19, especially compared to tuberculosis, it seemed like a natural step for our company to use our expertise in AI lung analysis and apply it to COVID-19.” 

If you would like to use CAD4COVID with your CT or X-ray, get free-of-charge access by contacting [email protected] 

If you would also like to learn more about this innovative organization below is a link to their site

Delft Imaging


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