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O-CITY Creates Contactless Bus Payment Idea in Kenya

credit: O-CITY

TechInAfrica – The driving contactless payment, O-City has been operated across the bus services in Nairobi, Kenya. This new idea is created to lessen the use of cash as the consequences of the global pandemic, COVID-19. This contactless bus payment was established with the collaboration between some parties, such as transport savings and credit specialists, NikoDigi, and Kenyan payments firm, Tracom, to increase the deployment of cashless fare collection.

The traditional way where passengers still pay in cash has been continually used by 70% of the population in Kenya. The dominant transportation that utilized this payment method is Matatus buses. However, over 90% of the population in Kenya now are using the O-CITY’s automated fare collection platform that leverages the M-Pesa mobile wallet. 

By using a phone, passengers can easily enter the code and a debit card is automatically made on their mobile wallet. This can be instantly seen by the drivers to allow the ride access. By providing an convenient payment method that consumers already use, via a device they owned this platform change unneeded tickets and cash payments. 

Patrick Karera, the Managing Director at Nikodigi said in a statement that Nikodigi realize the needs of transportation owners and drivers, hence, Nikodigi provides savings and credit management solutions for both the Matatu and Boda Boda (motorbike taxi) sectors. 

Digital payment revolution has been occurring in Kenya and has become an important moment for this country to remain the success of M-Pesa. The movement from cash payment to mobile money of public transport is the essential part of this, according to Tokhir Abdukadyrov, SVP of smart city and transport solutions at BPC. 



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