Dot Learn Wins the 2018 Edtech Awards

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The global tech revolution is changing the way education sector is run worldwide. Technology has made education acquisition simple and more affordable. Many people, especially in the African region, can now get a quality education. This is different from the past where it was only meant for those who were financially stable. Revision and preparation for exams in the different level have is now simpler than before.  There are various platforms that offer revision tactics. This has helped students to prosper in their various fields of study. Dot Learn is a Nigeria based video e-learning platform.

The company was founded by Thomas Richmann, Tunde Alawode, and Sam Bhattacharyya. The Varkey Foundation launched Edtech Prize. This was to help in appreciating the impact of innovative technology in developing countries and low-income areas. Dot Learn startup won the prize worth $25,000 in the Next Billion category at the Edtech Prize. The startup was one of the three winners to take home the prize worth $25,000. Furthermore, they got an opportunity to pitch their technology in associate schools. The schools are found in Western Cape South Africa.

During prize first launch, Chatterbox emerged the winner. Chatterbox is an online language group founded by various refugees. It won the prize after receiving votes from delegates at The Global Education and Skills Forum. The delegates came from the three finalists. The finalists comprised of TeachMeNow and Dot Learn startups. The award was a great milestone for the company. This is according to the CEO and Co-founder Sam Bhattacharyya.

The availing of video e-learning technology will definitely encourage more people to develop an interest in education. The company has used technology to simplify and make education less complex. Online learning is attracting a huge following since many people have embraced technology. Such opportunities must get the maximum support. This is because they work on making the world a better place.


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