Egyptian Startup OBM Education Lands Six-Figure Funding Deal


Egyptian educational technology startup OBM Education has secured a significant six-figure investment as part of its expansion strategy in Saudi Arabia. The funding round has been made possible through a substantial contribution from Value Maker Studio (VMS)

Founded in 2020 by Omar El-Barbary and Ezz El-Din Farag, OBM Education offers a wide range of career guidance and training programs. Additionally, the company assists pre-university students in selecting their college majors.

OBM Education’s flagship product, the Taleb Super App, is a revolutionary tool that has positively impacted the lives of high school students across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Designed to empower students to make informed decisions about their educational and career paths, the app provides meticulously curated content, precise assessments, and premium services.

Omar El-Barbary, co-founder of OBM Education, emphasized the significance of this Investment, stating, “Investment transcends mere capital – it embodies shared visions and unwavering dedication. Through our partnership with VMS, we reaffirm our commitment to enriching every student’s educational journey.”

OBM Education has solidified its presence in educational technology thanks to its innovative approach and unwavering dedication to enhancing students’ learning experiences.

With the support of VMS, the company is now better poised to expand its reach and provide valuable resources to students in Saudi Arabia, reaffirming its commitment to improving educational access and career guidance in the region.

Building on OBM’s previous achievement of securing a six-figure investment from EdVentures in August 2022, this latest round of funding underscores the growing recognition and support for the startup’s mission of empowering students in their educational and career pursuits.




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