Bolt Unveils New €25,000 Initiative to Support Its Drivers


In a forward-thinking move, Bolt is set to launch a specialized online training hub with a strong focus on enhancing the business development skills of Bolt drivers. Collaborating with prominent online learning platforms like Coursera and in-person implementation partner PM4Success, the Bolt Academy represents a significant step towards fostering entrepreneurial excellence among Bolt drivers.

Spanning over three months, this comprehensive program covers a wide range of essential entrepreneurial skills, including Time Management, Productivity, Communication, Customer Service, Project Management, Leadership, and Organizational abilities.

The program will involve 100 drivers participating in weekly courses designed to enhance their entrepreneurial skills further.

This groundbreaking initiative follows Bolt’s recent introduction of the Bolt Den project in September. With a seed fund of €25,000 allocated to support innovative business proposals developed by Bolt drivers, the Bolt Den demonstrates Bolt’s commitment to empowering drivers for entrepreneurial success.

Out of the 1,275 applications received, an impressive 100 drivers have successfully advanced from the application phase to the ideation phase. These dedicated drivers have actively engaged in specialized ideation sessions to equip them with the knowledge necessary to develop their business proposals effectively.

As a result, the top 20 drivers, presenting the most innovative and promising business solutions, will proceed to the intensive boot camp phase. This phase is carefully structured to prepare them thoroughly for the next stage within the Bolt Den program.

The pinnacle of the Bolt Den program is scheduled to culminate on the eagerly awaited Pitch Day in November 2023. On this significant occasion, participating drivers can present their business proposals and groundbreaking concepts to a distinguished panel of judges. The most exceptional ideas will secure the seed investment to realize their aspirations.

A representative of the drivers expressed profound enthusiasm for the Accelerator program, emphasizing that it signifies more than just a learning opportunity for the driver community. According to Yahaya Mohammed, Country Manager at Bolt Nigeria, this Bolt initiative is a source of hope for drivers in Nigeria.

We are astounded and overjoyed by the response to the Accelerator program and the enthusiasm shown by drivers,” adds Yahaya Mohammed. “We strongly believe in the potential of this initiative to empower drivers, and we are excited to see what these innovative entrepreneurs accomplish.”

Dr David Emumena, Managing Director of PM4Success International, describes the Bolt Academy as an opportunity beacon for drivers, emphasizing their belief in every driver’s potential for success and their commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial spirit to bridge the gap for a brighter future.

Hadi Moussa, Managing Director EMEA at Coursera, expressed their thrill in playing a role in unlocking potential and nurturing entrepreneurship among Bolt drivers. He highlighted that through this program, they are not only fostering individual growth with essential business skills but also positively impacting Nigeria’s economic landscape, underscoring their belief in the transformative power of education on lives and communities.

Bolt, the super-app, boasts a user base of over 150 million individuals spanning 45 countries and 500 cities in Europe and Africa. Our platform provides a diverse array of mobility solutions to cater to various needs, including:

  1. Ride-hailing services.
  2. Bolt Food facilitates the delivery of prepared meals from various restaurants.
  3. Bolt Business is our specialized corporate mobility service.




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