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WellaHealth Expands Innovative Healthtech Services from Nigeria to Kenya


WellaHealth, a prominent health-tech startup in Nigeria, has recently expanded its services to Kenya by introducing Healthsend Africa. This follows its earlier successful debut in Nigeria. Healthsend Africa is a mobile health platform that links patients directly with medical professionals for consultations, prescriptions, and laboratory test outcomes. Additionally, it offers users other health-related services, including health insurance and financial options.

Since its establishment in 2017, the startup has gathered over $1 million in funding. It is creating quite a stir with its dependable healthcare services, now accessible across Nigeria’s 36 states via a robust network of more than 1,000 pharmacies.

Venturing into Kenya was a strategic move influenced by numerous elements, among them the significant and increasing population of people originally from other countries living in Kenya, as well as the similar health-related issues faced by both the Nigerian and Kenyan populations. Moreover, Kenya boasts a vibrant local environment for the health and technology sectors, which presents an optimal scenario for the company’s growth plans.

Kenya bursts with a youthful and energetic populace keen on adopting digital health services. Healthsend is optimistic about its venture into Kenya, anticipating it will significantly enhance the local healthcare landscape.

Even as Healthsend ventures into this new market, it will encounter challenges from well-entrenched entities, like hospitals and clinics, which provide comparable services. Nonetheless, Healthsend is poised to stand out by emphasizing its dedication to quality, cost-effectiveness, and user convenience.

Focusing on a mobile-first strategy, the company aims to connect with a broad audience, even reaching people in remote and underserved communities. Its collaborations with top health and technology groups will boost its standing in the marketplace.

WellaHealth is dedicated to ensuring more African people can get good healthcare. This new growth is a crucial move towards achieving that mission.




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