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Opportunik Announces the Launch of a Global Fund for African Investors


According to a statement made available to Techloy, Opportunik, a private wealth fund that intends to allow Africans and Diasporans access to global assets, will launch a regulated fund next month.

Accuvise Administrators Limited, a registered fund administrator based in Mauritius, will run the Opportunik Global Fund (OGF), a multi-asset growth fund.

OGF will have many asset types, so investors can make money without taking on too much currency or political risk. The goal of the fund is to solve the problems that bother African investors, such as the fact that it is hard for them to get involved in global deals, that smaller investments don’t make enough money, that exchange rates are constantly changing, and that inflation and taxes are high.

The lowest investment in the low-entry barrier fund will be $5,000, and monthly payments can be made in multiples of $1,000. It will give investors access to a wide range of asset classes and investment techniques in different financial markets, with a return of 10–20% per year expected to be deposited into their bank accounts.

As an African-born fund, OGF knows many ways to make money on the continent. The fund aims to give Africans in the middle class a way to reach new markets outside Africa.

Fund managers from Africa, such as South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Zambia, work together to run OGF. Accuvise Administrators, which has over $216 million in assets under management and a track record of creating and running investment funds, will work with the fund.




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