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Solar Taxi App Provides Ghanaians with Cost-effective Transport Solution.


To tackle the issue concerning the climate in Ghana, Solar Taxi, an e-mobility company, launched a new Solar Taxi application that makes provision for affordable transportation to citizens.

Regarding the rise in fuel prices and the shoot-up in the transportation system, the firm has used the opportunity to create an app that enables people to access electric rides at a lower price attached to the services provided.

The project began on April 1, 2022, within a 10-kilometer radius of the East Legon and Airport communities. The electric vehicles used in transport operate using batteries that are charged with electricity and also carry an extra portable battery along with it should it need arises. 

Solar Taxi looks forward to using this idea to weed out the environmental hazards caused by the smoke emitted from vehicles and would use it as a means of employment creation for at least 100 youths or unemployed Ghana citizens.

Mr. Nuwodu, the Head Of Solar Taxi Ride, noted that the conveyance devised by the company is estimated to save 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year while also saving the average Ghanaian commuter by GH¢10,000 each year on transportation costs.

One agenda Solar Taxi aims to achieve is creating a conducive environment that will be less challenging to the Ghanaians. This gave them applause from The Managing Director Of Taufic Taya Transport and Logistics, Mr. Thomas Takyi. He recognizes their hard work in making electricity a more economical option than petrol, which is becoming increasingly expensive every day. 

He beseeched Ghanaians to make use of the opportunity provided to them by patronizing the Solar Taxi app because of the convenient and affordable services they offer. The Solar Taxi project will encourage the usage of electric vehicles and will prompt other firms to adopt this system birthed by them.

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